Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wedding at Castle Hill in Newport, RI -- Saturday October 9, 2010

It's no wonder a collaboration between a highly renowned floral designer and two newly joined event planners were able to create such a classic, yet stylish dining space at Castle Hill. With their impeccable eye for elegance and sophistication the wedding was unforgettable. 

Our warm pinspot lighting painted the stunning custom floral centerpieces with light, while the clustered candles cast a soft glow on the stylish white slipper chairs.

By hanging our decadent clear crystal chandeliers down the center of the ethereal-like tent canopy at Castle Hill we were able to create a romantic atmosphere for this wedding.
With an experienced lighting designer in cohoots with a world-class event designer, the possibilities were endless for this cocktail tent. The upwash lighting of the canopy made our two-tiered crystal beaded chandeliers sparkle and shine, giving the tent a trendy feel. The ottomans, glow bar and light up "high boys," also added to the swanky lounge atmosphere. The focused pinspot lighting of the tall tabletop arrangements enhanced the florals with a a beam of rich color adding a luminosity to the room and festivities.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grace Ormonde's Book Launch Bash: "Being In Love Never Goes Out of Style."-- 7/15/2010

It's not hard to create a magical setting at the already beautiful Chanler at the Cliff Walk in Newport, RI however, John Orton for Stoneblossom Floral & Event Design along with Ormonde Productions were able to transform the grounds even more with this swanky outdoor lounge!
This classic and sophisticated furniture, provided by John Orton, paired with this whimsical sheer fabric structure, overlooking the Newport shoreline provided guests with the ideal relaxing atmosphere in which to mingle and simply enjoy the beautiful summer evening.
Grace Ormonde was able to take in some of the tranquil Newport scenery, while also taking the time to sign some copies of her new coffee table wedding book, "being in love never goes out of style," for guests.

When the sun set the Outdoor Lounge was even more breathtaking than before! The uplighting in the tent created an aura remnicent of a moonlight glow, and a very soothing feel.

Photography by M. Benedicte Verley

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Julie and John, South Dartmouth, MA 9-12-09

We love Julie and John! Their Cape Cod wedding was absolutely spectacular.

Ormonde Productions collaborated with Kelli O'Brien from Exquisite Events to create a sexy lounge area in their massive century tent.

We projected dreamy cloud patterns on the comfy lounge furniture. Our soft white drapes created an intimate space.

The colorful dinner area was swagged with sheer pink fabric, creating a magical enviroment. 

The textured star pattern that was projected onto the floor was great! Our "intelligent lighting" provided constantly changing color and movement.

The florals were to die for! Our pin spotting really made the designs pop! This is a dedicated beam of light focused on each centerpiece.

The incredible collaboration of all the professionals below really made this event world class.

View more of this story at Snap! Photography's Blog

Planner: Wendy Joblon
Photography: Snap! Photography

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What chandeliers can do for your next event!

Chandeliers can be used to make a bold and elegant statement at any event. Hanging chandeliers can add depth and elegance to any raw space especially in a tented event. We can suspend chandeliers from virtually anywhere to create a stunning and beautiful lighting option. Adding chandeliers to any event will create an overall stylish appeal that is sure to impress anyone!

The hanging crystal chandeliers are perfect for any occasion. They can be hung in a space where glamour and glitz are essential. The chandelier is made up of hanging crystal strands with a white light illuminating the inside of the chandelier or lighting can be projected onto these chandeliers to change their color.

This five layer beaded chandelier is larger in size and is composed of short and long crystal strands. Special lighting can be projected at the event causing these chandeliers to change color and truly enhance its sparkle.

This antique crystal chandelier has candle lights and crystals that are hung from the bottom. The small detail of this chandelier adds to the overall elegance and grace of this lighting fixture.

This chandelier is a similar style to the one above. Consisting of a black wrought iron frame with white candle lights and large hanging crystals, this chandelier is perfect for an event where black is incorporated and can match any desired theme.

This mirror tile chandelier is unique in style and shape. It is composed of small mirror tile reflecting squares all strung together varying in length and size. The color of the chandelier can be altered to fit your color scheme and are great for outdoor parties to add a special summer flare!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Grace Ormonde Book Tour!

My sister Grace Ormonde of Wedding Style Magazine is hosting a 20 city international tour to debut her new book! It will truly be epic! Check out the website for more information and updates on how her book tour is going!

Grace Ormonde Book Tour!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

INTRODUCING: Our Wall of Water!!!

Check this OUT! Our new Water Screen is totally out of control!

Imagine this at your wedding or special event. So many applications!

- Band Backdrop
- Lounge and Dining Area divide
- Dance floor Backdrop
- Photo Op
- Projection Screen for Monograms/Logos/Branding
- Want some buzz? This will do it!!!

It takes light beautifully - and what a spot for projected images!!!

Pretty cool...  Above: Our Screen of Water set up at Ormonde Headquarters with an image from grace ormonde Wedding Style behind.

This item is brandy-new. Be the first to include this sure-to-be-talked-about effect at your event!

Jill & Jeff at The Glen Manor House

The Glen Manor House in Portsmouth RI is an elegant spot for a wedding! It is styled after the Petit Trianon at Versailles and has a wonderful French Country feel inside and out. There are lovely terraces and formal gardens lovingly cared for. The ceremony is often held outside with a commanding view of the Sakonnet River.

Adding light and lounge furnishings to the terrace is a popular request. It gives guests a cozy spot to relax and catch their breath between dance sets!

Images by Kristin Spencer!

For loads more details on this glam event check out these blogs:

Stoneblossom Floral and Event Design
Kristin Spencer Photography

Lounge Furnishings and Decor by Exquisite Events

Friday, March 5, 2010

Brides Night

Save the date March 13, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Balls Glow!!!! Yep! And we mean that only in the most FABULOUS WAY!

Let it Glow!!!
Wow. We LOVE the absolutely endless possibilities of our glowing spheres to add fun and flair to our upcoming events. We have them in three sizes.
Check out the "Wow" they provide - combined with the architectural uplighting we did recently at Belle Mer in Newport. They are part of our state-of-the-art, remotely controlled, LED lighting system. Not only can we dim or brighten them - they can change color throughout the evening too!

This goes for the lighting effects we can provide inside and out for your event. Leave it to our expert lighting technicians to create the perfect atmosphere from start to finish.

This ethereal blue dining room can become lavender or pink - subtle or strong - in a smooth snap!

Can't forget about the band! Here's the incomparable Night Shift (gotta book these guys WAY in advance!). Our "robotic" intelligent light fixtures not only spotlight your entertainment, they can add movement and excitement to your dancefloor as well.

 Check out more of this Wedding at Kristin Spencer Photography Blog!

Lighting and Glow Accents: Ormonde Productions

Photography: Kristin Spencer

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Inspired Peacock Theme at Astor's Beechwood!

We had such fun working with Rudy and Meaghan - taking their vision of a peacock theme and running with it. Our paisley projections on the terrace walls creates a HOT backdrop for this cool photo. It's so great when the Bride and Groom aren't afraid of using rich, strong color.

Here's they are on their Big Day - after months and months in the planning:

Great shot catches the natural light by the ornate window....

Our lighting kicks the party into high gear. We used architectural uplighting to enhance the ballroom - and the terrace literally "glowed" with saturated color!  Our sheer drapes added softness and romance. It was amazing after the Newport sun set over the Bay.

The peacock theme continued in the tented lounge where guests enjoyed cigars and dessert. Our enhancement of the multicolored ceiling with light - and spotlighting of the focal floral design - created such great ambience it was tough to tear guests away at the stroke of midnight!

Lighting, Terrace Draping: Ormonde Productions

Florals, Tent Draping and Decor, Accent Decor: Stoneblossom Floral and Event Design

Photography: Faith Dugan

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Featured Wedding - Exclusive Locale!

This terrific couple pulled out all the stops for their September wedding. From the cushy comfortable lounge to the amazingly appointed dinner area - this event was over-the-top!
Elegant floored tents graced the sweeping lawns of the Sisters of Saint Dorothy retreat - atop a peninsula overlooking Narragansett Bay in Bristol RI. What a spot!!!

Our massive iron chandeliers held court over the festivities - and we transformed the spaces with constantly changing light! From shades of Plum and Merlot to a romantic Amber glow for dinner and clubby moving lights foe intense dance sets - lighting was the finishing touch that made this event unforgettable! Click on the images for a closer look...
This Wedding is one of a number of ours featured in the new issue of Southern New England Weddings!!!

Lighting and Production: Ormonde Productions

Event Planning and Decor: Exquisite Events of Newport

Photography: Kristin Spencer

Catering: Fine Catering by Russell Morin

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Southern New England Wedding 2010 hits the Shelves and we get some Great Editorial!

We are proud to have scored some precious editorial in the hot-off-the press Southern New England Weddings 2010 Issue

Here's the copy! Thanks to all our pals at Southern New England Weddings!

Photography by Kristin Spencer